When you receive a kind gesture, it is good manners to say thank you by returning a token or a small reward. For instance, you can give a thank you gift to a neighbour who had been concerned for you when you were ill or a teacher who goes the extra mile to ensure your child performs well in school. And the good thing is that these gifts need not be expensive. It’s the thought that counts and shows your appreciation to the person receiving the gift.


Many people love to receive a food gift as a sign of a good gesture. For instance, you can send a thank you gourmet basket or make up a personal basket at a specialty grocery store, which will show your appreciation. If you haven’t got the time to go shopping, consider purchasing online since the vendor typically will package the gift appropriately. They will ensure it reaches the recipient on time if it contains perishable items.

Other favourite food gifts might include cheese and wine baskets, cheesecakes, and chocolate bouquet delivery. It is essential, however, to buy a food gift that you know the recipient will appreciate and that they have no medical conditions such as diabetes or nut allergies that restrain them from eating particular foods.

Get a gift certificate

Gift vouchers are another great way to express gratitude after an act of kindness. Vouchers have the great advantage of allowing the recipient to buy a gift of their choice, and some gift vouchers, such as the visa gift voucher, will enable them to shop at a location of their choice.

On the other hand, you can buy them a dinner or restaurant gift voucher for two allowing the person to enjoy a great meal with a friend. Another option might be to focus on an activity that they enjoy. For example, if they like customised jewellery, you might want to get them a relevant jewellery gift voucher, or if they love movies, get them a ‘coming up’ movie ticket.


Flowers as a gift may seem too conventional, but many people still love to receive flowers. You can get a large bouquet containing seasonal blooms as a thank you gesture or send a live houseplant, which will leave a lasting impression.

A spa or relaxation treatment

People often overlook a relaxation gift as a viable alternative, but the recipient might well appreciate this gift more than other conventional gifts. With the relaxation gift, you can get a spa gift basket, complete with massage oils, bath salts, lotions, and candles, among other items that will allow the person to relax in a home bathtub.

Personalised artwork

Having someone paint a portrait of you and your loved one no longer requires a lot of money or a lot of your time. There are places online that will draw or paint a portrait for you using any picture you give them. Just send them a picture of the both of you together, and you could have a beautiful oil painting to give your special people as a return gift. There are also cute personalised art gifts such as T-shirts, puzzle pieces, and magazine covers that can be custom designed using one of your photos.

Engraved clocks

A clock is a great gift, but when you personalise it with a name or a romantic message, it elevates it to a grant of refined elegance. Clocks are a symbol of time and eternity, which represents your never-ending love. Not only do engrave clocks look stunning as a decorative piece, but they are also instrumental and practical gifts. Each time your loved one glances at its elegance, they’ll be reminded of you.

Photo album

Pictures do say a thousand words. Making a collection of all your memories using the images you have together makes for a heartwarming and romantic gift. Giving your photo album a romantic theme and title will surely make it a present that your boyfriend or girlfriend will never forget. For example, you could give your photo album a title like “my best friend” or “Reasons why…” and then use pictures of your favourite moments together.

In conclusion, you can offer many gift ideas to say thank you, but the key is getting a unique gift that you know will be appreciated.