Baltimore has hot, humid summers, with humidity levels going as high as 75%. Its humid subtropical climate is primarily because of the presence of water bodies like the Chesapeake Bay.

While humidity has some benefits, it has adverse effects on houses by contributing to the formation of mold in ceiling tiles, wooden furniture, and windows and pipes. Although you cannot change the weather, you can take some steps to reduce its effects on your property. For example, getting your house painted every three to five years.

Professionals specializing in house painting Baltimore are often in high demand because they offer various interior and exterior painting services that give you a house a new, refreshed appearance. Getting your home painted positively affects your health, improving air quality, uplifting your mood, and preventing mold formation and rot.

But if you still need convincing, here are some reasons to hire professional painters, with examples of their services.

You won’t have to clean up paint splatters

If you hire a professional painter, you won’t have to clean up paint splatters. That’s because they’ll take care of it for you! When your painter has finished painting and has departed, they will leave a clean workspace behind. And not only that but the walls are also protected from stains by an anti-stain coating.

An average house cleaning service costs around 16 USD in Baltimore and more depending on the property’s size, cleaning services provided, etc. Finding a company that offers drop cloths and furniture coverings will make the process easier.

They have supplies and equipment

Hiring a team of painters is a great way to get the job done efficiently. They will give you excellent results and have the supplies and equipment required for the job, like roller frames, ladders, measuring tape, extension poles, and drop cloths.

Types of interior and exterior services

Wallpaper removal

The reason for removing wallpapers is that they can hide the actual color of your walls and make them look duller than they are. You should also remove it because the paint is not as dark as regular paint, so it doesn’t reflect light the same way as other colors.

There might be some spill on or around the area where you want to paste new picture frames or art pieces (this will cause discoloration). Although the cost of removing wallpaper in Baltimore is between 360 to 560 USD, it’s better to let the experts handle the job because they will employ the best removal methods, including the wallpaper type, age, and application method.

Cabinet painting

Cabinet painting is a great way to update your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and mudroom. Painting the cupboard is an easy upgrade method for the kitchen for homeowners in Baltimore who live in apartments or condos because they don’t need permission from their landlord before changing things up! It gives your kitchen a brand-new look without spending thousands of dollars on a professional paint job.

Fence painting

Fence painting is a simple and inexpensive way to add color to your home. It’s also great to brighten your yard, patio, or other outdoor areas. In addition to adding color, fence painting can help you create an attractive focal point in your yard or patio area by adding some interest at eye level. Most homeowners in Baltimore prefer white for their fencing color because it gives a classy and timeless look to your property and even increases its value.

Deck sealing

A thorough deck sealing protects against mold growth on your wood decks by providing an airtight seal between the wood and concrete surface beneath it. It prevents moisture from getting inside through cracks or other areas that could damage surfaces below them over time (such as rotting). It also helps prevent rot due to water absorption into porous woods such as cedar (which would otherwise cause termite infestation)

Before opting for skilled services offering house painting in Baltimore, check if they provide a warranty for their work and if their painters are insured and licensed. You can also ask them for a free quote beforehand and the arrangements you should make before the painting process.