While blackjack is a game of chance, it is also a game of strategy, and so the minute you sit down to play these table games, you need to ensure you are aware of and are competent with the required strategy. 

Blackjack Strategy: At Its Core.

If we were to try and compress all the blackjack rules into one simple rule, we would simply say that if the dealer seems to be weak, you should play aggressively, and try to get as much on the table as you can. 

Basically, if the dealer has an up-card between 4 and 6, you should double down with a wider hand range than typically, however, if you do have the ability to do so, then you should split. 

Do remember, however, that the dealers’ card facing down will always be more likely to be valued at 10, which would make them draw again, which will probably result in a bust. 

Sure, blackjack playing strategies such as split and double down are probably some of the most controversial, however, they do come in handy too, as long as you know when you should play them. 

Today, we are talking about split, and when you should play this way,

What Does It Mean To Split In Blackjack?

A split is played when you are dealt two cards which come to the same value, allowing you the opportunity to split them, after this, you will then get another hand dealt on each card, meaning you are now playing two hands instead of one, both much match your initial wager. 

The advantage to doing this is it allows you to have two times the money on the table, which is ideal if the dealer has a weaker play. Imagine the dealer ends up busting, this means you win double the amount you would have done originally. 

In a majority of online and live casino games, you can’t play further with split hands and need to stand, no matter the total.

Should You Split All Pairs When You Play Blackjack?

The only issue with splitting is that it sounds good making some players want to split all the time, however, you do need to pay extra to split, so it is best to only do so when the odds are favoring you, and the dealer is weaker. 

However, even when things look positive, you should never split if you have two 10s. This is because you already have 20 which makes you most likely to win, so why would you risk a loss twice as much?

Splitting aces is not so bad as you have a higher chance of making 21 two times than 20. 8’s are also worth splitting, no matter what the dealer is showing, as it usually leads to a good finishing amount. 

Let’s take a look at what you should and should not split. 

  • Only split your 7s if the dealer is showing 7 or lower.
  • Split your 6s if the dealer is showing 6 or lower. 
  • Never split 5s, but you can double down if the dealer is showing below 9. 
  • Never split 4’s.
  • Only split 3’s if the dealer is showing 4 to 7.
  • Only split 2’s if the dealer is showing 3 to 7.

By following this strategy for blackjack you are playing the best you could. It is best to look online for betting charts for blackjack, and print yourself a copy. Then you should refer to this while you get used to playing the game in any particular way. 

Good blackjack strategy never guarantees profits, this is thanks to the house edge, but it will minimize the house edge, and thus lower your losses, which increases your chance of making profits over the short-term in just one session.

What Is The Downside To Doing This

Just like you would expect in any form of gambling, when you split, you need to think of how much risk there is versus how much reward. You may stand to win double by splitting, but you can also lose twice as much if things go badly.

The risk around this is the reason you should not split every pair, you should choose your splits wisely, and if you do not feel confident in doing so, then do not split, no one will judge you. 

You also need to ensure that you are ready for the possibility that even when you play to the best of your ability, the dealer may still win. It is all a part of the game, it is all chance. You should avoid getting frustrated, as frustration will affect your judgment calls, which will ruin your chances of winning even more so. 

Conclusion – Give It A Go Yourself.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to simply try out this tactic in game, practice makes perfect and the best way to become a pro at using split plays in blackjack is to try it out and learn for yourself. 

Try a few hands and when you get pairs, try splitting and see how you fair. 

By zestful