The great Michael Jordan once said that he doesn’t have a gambling problem; he has a competition problem. It’s not that he can’t stop gambling; he can’t stop competing. The playing field is unimportant; it’s all about winners and losers.

While playing luck-based games at the casino is always fun, doing so in the tournament setting can be even better. Why? Well, because you’re no longer just playing to win money. You’re now competing against others, which puts even more at stake. Now, it’s no longer enough to do good; you need to do better than others.

So, for all those who find this concept interesting, here are a few things you need to know about casino tournaments and how to perform well there.

How Are Casino Tournaments Organized?

Enrolling in a casino tournament is usually simple. More likely than not, you’ll get all the information you need on the site. So, start by picking a site and reading the rules. Rules may differ depending on the type of tournament (which we’ll address briefly).

Now, to know how to play slot tournaments, you must understand exactly what you’re getting into. Luckily, there are two major elements that are always present in slot tournaments.

  • Leaderboard: This is a board of all the players with their current rank in the tournament. It could be score, credit, amount of money, spins won, etc. While the format and the metric may change, the leaderboard shows you where you currently stand in the tournament.
  • Prize pool: Another thing to keep in mind is the prize pool. This is the amount of money that’s at stake. It could be distributed in a number of ways. For instance, a winner may get 70%, with second place getting 20% and third place getting 10%. The division could be completely different, as well. Still, the majority of tournaments don’t have a starting pool. The pool is made out of buy-ins of all the players. This means that with more players, the reward is bigger, but it’s also a lot harder to win. After all, the competition is bigger, as well.

So, whenever playing at the tournament, these are the two pages that you’ll constantly refresh. In fact, the latter may be the most important factor when deciding if you should enroll in a tournament to begin with.

Types of Casino Tournaments

Before we start, mentioning several different types of casino tournaments is important. Most commonly, these tournaments are categorized by the enrollment method. To this principle, there are four common casino tournament types.

Scheduled tournaments

These tournaments have a pre-set time and date. In other words, you’ll know weeks and days in advance. If they’re recurring tournaments, you may even be able to know long in advance. Because these tournaments tend to be more exclusive, you may have to pass certain criteria. You may have to enroll in time if there are limited slots.

Sit-and-go tournaments

This tournament type only lasts for a couple of minutes at a time. They’re usually not pre-scheduled, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if these tournaments were perpetually ongoing.

Survival tournaments

Out of the list, these are the most competitive. Why? Well, because the person with the lowest score (least credit) is out at the end of each round. While in some tournaments, you can buy yourself back in, this is usually not the case with survival tournaments. Since the work is on an elimination basis, re-enlisting, again and again, wouldn’t make too much sense.

Buy-in tournaments

These tournaments have just one enrollment criterion – paying to get in. Now, in these tournaments, you can buy back in after you’ve been out. This model is probably the simplest to understand. It’s a simple buy-in slot tournament with a small entry fee open to everyone.

What Are Some Winning Tips?

When you’re playing in a tournament, everything changes. Suddenly, you’re not just playing for your net balance but against others. This changes more than you know.

For instance, while playing for small wins would make sense during a regular slot machine game, this is no longer the case. What you need is to aim for the maximum. This way, you’ll rank a lot better.

Also, spinning fast is usually not a winning strategy when playing traditionally. On the other hand, if you’re playing in a tournament, you want to get as many spins as possible. Vigor and speed are paramount.

The problem with these tips is that they seem counterintuitive. After all, they’re the opposite of what you would have been advised when playing for fun or just to pass some time. The competitive nature of the tournament dictates a completely different approach.

What to Watch out for?

If you’re playing in a traditional tournament, the number of slot machines may be limited. This means that the number of available spaces may be limited, as well. So, every player gets a machine number and their assigned play time. This means that you will have to be quick in order to get the most out of it. Even if there isn’t a limited number of machines, you might have a time limitation. After all, the tournament can’t go on forever.

It’s also important that you are not a complete beginner. As we’ve mentioned, everything here is time-sensitive, so you won’t have the time to figure out the rules. Learning the terminology in advance is a good idea. This way, you can just sit behind the machine and play.  

Wrap Up

While most games are purely luck-based and quite intuitive, you’ll have to employ a bit of strategy to play them at a tournament. Here, being lucky is not enough. You need to know how to use this luck to your advantage and create a bigger gap against the rest of your competition. While tournaments are as old as the casinos themselves, in a digital world, with so many online casinos, there’s a tournament out there every hour of every day. So, if this is something that interests you, you might want to try it out.

By zestful