Did you know it was possible to rent a cinema to organize an extraordinary personal or professional event? This trend seems to be spreading to the capital at an impressive speed, just like the big provincial towns. Companies and private customers are looking for original places for their evenings. And cinemas are part of it!

Why Rent A Movie Theater?

For some time now, it has been possible to rent a cinema hall or a projection room to organize different types of events. Many people then wish to organize an extraordinary evening on these certain premises. And this is for different occasions: weddings, birthdays, PACS, and private parties. Thus, the tenants of the room can choose to show a particular film to the guests of the evening, which promises very original sessions! Documentaries, feature films, personal films (depending on equipment), etc. Thousands of movies are available. 

However, these rooms do not only allow the projection of private sessions. You can also organize cocktails or meals there, depending on the location and the type of establishment. This attracts most individuals: the possibility of taking advantage of a tailor-made offer for their guests.

Companies Are Also Getting Involved And Organizing Their Events

This trend does not only affect individuals looking for new places to have fun and party in a private setting, far from there. The first customers of these places are businesses! Indeed, projection and cinema halls are perfect establishments for organizing different types of professional events. Many companies seek out these establishments to organize conferences, seminars, or even meetings.

Better still, they rent them to organize team-building sessions, meals, or corporate events. Original and unusual, these places then offer tailor-made services to companies, which can choose to invite their employees, their customers, and their partners for an unforgettable evening. Several cinemas can thus be rented.

How To Privatize A Cinema For A Private Or Professional Event?

Are you looking for an original place to bring together your customers, employees, and partners? Do you want to offer your friends and family an unforgettable moment? Invite the magic of cinema to your event. More and more cinemas such as private cinema hire London for example are offering rooms for hire. You can also reserve the private cinema of the Country Club, a room equipped with 120 seats and a screen 6 meters wide. The films of your choice are currently showing or previewed on the program. Your guests will have the privilege of benefiting from a privatized cinema room. What to live a unique cinematographic experience.

By zestful