With larger breeds of dogs comes the need for larger outdoor spaces to run and play. You may want to allow your pup to enjoy the outdoors but are not sure how to create the best dog run for large dogs. Creating a safe and secure outdoor area for your dog to run and play is essential to keeping them healthy, happy, and content. 

Here Are Some Of The Many Ways A Dos Run Could Benefit You And Your Dog:

1. Keeping Your Pooch Out Of The Way

Although you’d probably love to have your best friend by your side as often as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when he or she needs to be confined. 

2. Convenience

Sometimes convenience factors in too. If you’re having a party or barbecue for instance, then you might want to keep your furry pal out of the way. Some people, and children especially, aren’t comfortable being around dogs they don’t know.

3. They’re Spacious

Dog runs are sizeable. Although your dog is confined, he or she isn’t locked away in a little crate. The whole point of a dog run is that your dog still has space to hop around and play to their heart’s content. 

4. They’re Out In The Fresh Air

Another nice thing about a dog run is that your dog can be outdoors in the fresh air. As you’re probably well aware, canines can’t be cooped up inside a building all day, it’s not in their nature. 

5. They’re Made To Suit Your Dog

You can make a dog run that suits your furry friend perfectly. There’s enough space in the dog run to put all manner of amenities. If you’re concerned about his or her happiness then you can pop some things that they find comforting in there, such as their favorite toy or dog bed. 

6. Safety

It keeps your dog safe if you have to leave them in the garden unsupervised. Lots of dogs have mischievous personalities that we love. But this also means that when you’re not watching them, they can get up to all sorts of hijinks like digging under your fence or eating things they find in the garden that might make them poorly. 

What To Consider When Buying A Dog Run

1. Size

The first important element to consider when building a dog run is the size of your dog. You don’t want your dog to be uncomfortable in a dog run that’s too small. The average dog run needs to be 3 feet by 10 feet, and 6 feet high.

2. Climate

Ultimately you want Fido to be happy, healthy, and safe, making climate an important factor you need to consider when designing a dog run. 

3. Your Dog’s Needs

You need to take your dog’s specific needs into account. Some breeds need more exercise than others, for instance, so you may want to give a dog that needs to run around more space to do so. 

4. Location

When considering the location of your dog run, you have to choose an area of your garden or property that you don’t use often.

5. Flooring

Essentially, you want a surface that is easy to clean, won’t absorb the summer’s heat and is cost-effective and kind on your dog’s paws.


Creating the perfect dog run for your large pup can be a challenge, but with the right materials and considerations, you can give your pup the perfect outdoor space to enjoy. By taking into account size, materials, and protection from the elements, you can create a safe and secure area for your pup to play and roam.

By zestful