If you are familiar with cloud computing, you must already know that AWS or Amazon Web Services is the largest player in the public cloud market. It offers a broad range of cloud computing services, the popular ones being databases, computing, storage, big data analytics, and machine learning solutions. By offering a competitive pricing structure, it has maintained its leadership position in the cloud market for a long. The platform has over a million active users, which include large companies as well as startups across the world. 

As AWS is the most widely used cloud platform and many companies are relying on it for their cloud computing needs, the demand for AWS skills has increased. Today, if you are able to gain expertise in AWS, then you can explore a number of job opportunities like cloud solutions architect, DevOps engineer, cloud developer, cloud consultant, cloud administrator, and so on. Fortunately, AWS offers role-based certifications to help professionals validate their cloud skills and increase their credibility in the job market. Whether you are an entry-level, mid-senior, or senior-level professional, there is a dedicated AWS certification for all. You can take up an AWS course to prepare for these certifications. 

However, before you can pick any specific certification based on the job role you are interested in, it is important to have the foundational knowledge of the AWS platform. This is where AWS introductory courses come into the picture. If you are a beginner in this field, then these introductory AWS courses are designed for you. Read on to understand what is the learning scope of such basic AWS courses. 

AWS Course for Beginners – What is it?

You may have a vague idea about cloud computing in general and cloud services platforms like AWS. However, if you are planning to gain AWS skills for your professional career, then it is important to get some formal training and gain a complete overview of cloud computing technology and how AWS leverages it to offer a wide range of services. An AWS Course for Beginners is all you need to kickstart your journey in this field. Training providers offer these introductory online courses so that professionals can have strong foundational skills in AWS and then later decide which role they want to pursue. 

The idea behind offering such a course is that the learners will gain step-by-step guidance regarding the platform. Contrary to independent study, where learners may not know how to get started, an AWS foundational course assumes that you don’t have any prior idea about cloud computing and platforms like AWS and thus start from the very basics, which are even easy to understand for non-technical professionals. When it comes to the course fee, it is usually less compared to other AWS certification courses or master’s programs. Being an introductory course, some training providers may even offer it for free.  

What does an AWS Course for Beginners Teach You?

Here are some of the common topics that an introductory AWS course online usually covers. 

Introduction to cloud computing and AWS

First off, you need to understand what cloud computing is all about. So, the course begins with the basics of cloud computing and its application in various industries. Then, you will understand what cloud services are and their types – SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Finally, you will be introduced to AWS and how it leverages cloud computing to offer a variety of cloud services. 

Getting started with AWS

In this section, you will understand how to create a new AWS account. You will be able to explore the AWS development environment, interact with the new account and programmatically provision any resources you need. You may also learn how to secure your AWS account, set up the AWS CLI, and set up the AWS Cloud9 Integrated Development Environment (IDE). 

Overview of the top AWS services 

In this section, you will become familiar with the kinds of services offered by AWS. You don’t have to go in depth for each service but get a general idea as to what these services are intended to perform. You will understand the basic concepts that drive AWS services and how to best take advantage of them. There are tutorials on cloud essentials, security essentials, and networking essentials, among other topics. 

AWS Management Console 

The AWS Management Console refers to the web application that involves a broad collection of service consoles for managing AWS resources. The Console home page offers access to each service console and is a consolidated place to access all the information needed to perform your AWS-related tasks. You will learn about the different sections of the Console Home, how to access your account information, switch AWS regions, and work with widgets on the Console Home. 

The AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

AWS CDK is known as an open-source software development framework that allows developers to define their cloud application resources using programming languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, and C#. You will learn how to set up and configure AWS CDK on your workstation and build your first AWS resources with Infrastructure as Code. 

Apart from these, different training courses incorporate different AWS basic topics that will give you a complete understanding of the cloud platform.    

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