The availability and variety of CBD oil products continue to increase, which means more people are trying this item to see if it impacts their health and well-being. With so many different companies offering products, it cannot be obvious to know which one will work best.

Some products claim that they are CBD oil with 0% THC. This makes it sound like it’s a great product, but many people don’t know exactly what this means—and that’s okay. Read on to understand what it means for a CBD product to have 0% THC.

What is THC?

Both THC and CBD are elements that occur naturally in the hemp plant. THC is also found in the marijuana plant, and it’s the element that makes a person feel high. CBD does not have the same impact when taken into the body. Although more studies are needed, it is believed that CBD can help with insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, and other ailments.

What Are the 0% THC CBD Oils?

As mentioned, THC naturally occurs in the hemp plant, but it doesn’t occur in large quantities as it does in the marijuana plant. Federal law says that as long as the CBD oil product contains 0.3% THC or less, it is legal.

However, legal or not, if you are worried about having to take a drug test, then you may want to avoid products with THC altogether, as it could give you a false positive for using marijuana. Thankfully, some processes can remove the THC to give you a THC-free CBD oil drug test.

Broad Spectrum CBD

In addition to THC and CBD, hemp also contains various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Many believe that all of these have to be present to effectively work in your system to help you feel better from whatever ails you. Thus, when broad-spectrum CBD products are derived, they contain all of these elements, but the THC is removed.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolates is a product that only contains CBD. All of the other elements have been completely removed, leaving behind CBD isolate with 0% THC and no traces of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Some people believe that CBD isolate isn’t as effective as broad-spectrum CBD because it doesn’t contain the other natural elements. However, some individuals adore by this product.

Every person process CBD differently. Thus, when it comes to finding the product that’s right for you, it may take some experimentation. Whether broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate gives you the relief you’re looking for will depend on why you’re taking the CBD, how you’re taking it, and your weight, among other factors.

If you have a drug test that you have to take, then using either CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD is recommended. These items contain 0% THC, so you won’t have to worry about testing positive for marijuana.

How to Use CBD isolates?

CBD Isolate is a perfect way to gain your daily dose of CBD oil or start trying it. Being a versatile product, it can be used in many ways.

  1. Consumers are fond of adding isolates into their meals as it doesn’t have any specific flavor or taste; you won’t be able to tell that it’s there.
  1. Many people dislike the earthy taste of CBD oil. However, by taking CBD oil in the form of isolate powder or capsules, you can easily avoid this issue, place it under your tongue, swallow it with a glass of any juice and get the optimal absorption.
  1. You can also add CBD into your favorite drinks and beverages, smoothie recipes, or mix it into a salad dressing.
  1. Dissolve CBD isolate with high in fat coconut or almond oil to make your own topical products.

Finding THC-Free Products

Many manufacturers make CBD oil without THC, and they offer a wide range of products. These include tinctures, gummies, capsules, vape juice, and others. Remember, to ensure that the product has 0% THC, and you want to look on the label and see if it says “CBD isolate” or “broad-spectrum CBD.”

Also, it’s advised that you only buy CBD products from reputable and trustworthy brands like PlusCBD or Lazarus Naturals. This ensures that you are getting a product that is THC-free and contains all-natural ingredients. With the popularity of CBD continuing to increase, companies crop up overnight. They may not always have consumer safety in mind, so their products could contain hazardous chemicals.

It’s possible to find reputable companies online. Some sites will only sell products from CBD manufacturers that have been around for a while and have their products independently tested by a third-party lab. These are the products you should be looking for.

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