One of the most known and popular social media platforms in the world today is Instagram. In the modern world, people of all ages, young and old, have an idea about Instagram. The number of users of Instagram is increasing day by day compared to all other social media platforms and its number of users is slowly moving to the top. Since the present age is the age of internet and in the age of internet people use mobile phones, computers, laptops etc. so almost all types of people from young to old know more or less about the use of instagram.

The popularity of Instagram:

Instagram has experienced a rapid increase to over 1 billion active members since its introduction in October 2010, placing it among the top 4 social networks globally. What does that mean in terms of scale? Well, the app is used each month by about one-fourth of all active internet users worldwide. Therefore, it is challenging to estimate how many people will be using Instagram in 2023. Instagram has become so well-known that Facebook paid a significant quantity of money to acquire it.

Using popular social media platforms like Instagram requires modern technology.  You can get all this technical information on our Tech Times 365 site.

Why is Instagram so popular?

Instagram is so well-liked because it’s a very user-friendly social networking platform that practically anyone of any age can use with ease. Even if networks like Twitter and SnapChat are highly popular for sharing photos, most people still use Instagram. Furthermore, Instagram makes it simple for people to view various kinds of relevant news and images nearby. The user also has the option to share a post or story themselves. The top of the news feed is devoted to stories that can be played with a single touch. Additionally, this social media site has various tabs that may be readily followed to access Profile, Notification Center, and Explore. These tabs make it convenient for users to navigate through followers and posts without losing touch. People are interested in using Instagram for all these benefits.

Instagram platform is one of the best mediums of social communication and besides this platform is very convenient and effective for doing social media marketing.  Nowadays people are not only using Instagram as a photo sharing platform but they are also using Instagram to build their careers and promote their businesses.  Since the Instagram platform has a large number of users, any type of business post, photo can be promoted very easily.  Research shows that some of the biggest commercial companies in the world are connected to Instagram. The Instagram platform is very important in the SMM world.


Hope you got a good idea about the popularity of Instagram through the above discussion. If you want to use an effective platform for marketing then I would say you must use instagram. Nowadays it is very easy to buy cheap likes, followers and become an overnight celebrity using instagram SMM panel and other trusted sites. But definitely beware of fake likes, followers selling sites as these sites are harmful for social media platforms.